Qualitative approach

Qualitative Approach


Time to spend on this section: 10 hours

This section of the theme looks at qualitative research. It is not intended to be an in-depth course, but rather to start you thinking about whether your research topic will benefit from a qualitative approach and, if so, to help you think through the concepts that need to be considered at the planning stage. If you decide you are going to use one of these methods it is likely you will need to take a further course to help you with the details of how to select and apply appropriate methods to your particular research study.

IDevice Icon Activity 10 What does 'qualitative research' mean to you?

Activity 10 gives you an opportunity to reflect on your image and perceptions of qualitative research. Now open you log book and complete the activity.

When you have finished your outline, go to the next section for a resume of some of the definitions offered by other people.