Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis

Time to spend on this section: 10 hours

This section of the theme looks at quantitative analysis. It is not intended to be a course in statistics, but rather to start you thinking about whether your research topic will benefit from quantitative analysis and, if so, to help you think through the concepts that need to be considered at the planning stage. If you decide you are going to use quantitative analysis methods it is likely you will need to take a further course to help you with the details of how to select and apply appropriate analysis methods to your particular data sets.

You will need a recent version of Excel installed on your computer to complete the activities in this part of the theme.

If you are a beginner with Excel you may find it useful to take the Impetus training course for Excel before trying to complete the activities here (although some hints are provided as you work through). The Impetus course is a self-paced, computer based course provided free of charge by the University and can be accessed via the University Blackboard system. Instructions for finding Impetus are provided on the iSolutions site.

If you are a more confident excel user you may still find the Excel Hints buttons throughout the module helpful from time to time.

In the first section you will look at handling data. It is important to take a structured approach to this topic when you have large amounts of numerical data to store, manipulate and analyse.