Writing a Research Proposal

Writing a Research Proposal

About this Theme

A good research proposal provides a clear research question within the context of yours chosen research area. It should be presented with the full range of background relating to the topic, unambiguous aims and objectives, and a research methodology. It is assumed that a pre-requisite to completing this core theme is that you have already identified your research question, have conducted your literature review, identified how you will collect and analyse your data, and have planned how you will complete your research, either through discussions with your Masters/PhD supervisors, or the completion of the five core themes on this module ('Literature review', 'Choosing your research topic', 'Project Management' 'Collecting data' and 'Data analysis'.)
If you are writing a research proposal to a specific funding body, or graduate committee in order to secure Masters or PhD funding, it is paramount that you follow their guidance notes meticulously. Each individual University School/Faculty will have slightly different guidance notes, so make sure you carefully examine them. The following links provides you with guidance notes on how to present a research proposal to different Schools and specific fields of study within Schools for post graduate research.
As you can see from these documents the guidelines vary slightly depending on the Schools' preference. The length also varies from 1000 to 3500 words. Your post graduate studies can be supported by funding bodies that require you to send them your research proposal. Again, there can be great variation between the bodies in relation to the length and presentation of the final proposal. Ensure you stick to the required word count and the guidelines outlines. Access the following link for information on UK funding bodies and their guidance notes: http://www.soton.ac.uk/postgraduate/feesandfunding/ukresearchcouncils.html

Theme Aim Advanced Personal Transferable Skills Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this theme, you will be able to: Working through this theme
It is expected that this theme will require approximately 30 hours to complete. This is equivalent to 3 credit points for this module (E-Learning Research Methods) including time for independent study and reading around the subject. You should work through each section in the order in which it is presented.

You are encouraged to record your reflections and completed activities in your log book so that you can reflect on your own progress. You will be prompted when you have to do this. Full instructions for using the log book are given in the Introduction module. You can download the log book here.

There is no formal assessment for this theme. You will receive feedback either automatically or from your tutor and/or supervisor on the tasks and activities.